I'm free
Key: C

INTRO (x2. 1:Piano+HH):
[C]//// [C]//// [C]/// [G]/ [F]////

VERS 1 (1/2:EP oct, 2/2:+bass/drm):
[C]Joy, there's a joy in my soul
I can't explain it but [F]I know, it's [C]you
[C]Light, oh I'm feelin' so light
Like a weight has been [F]lifted, by [C]you
Jesus you are my [F]breakthrough, it's [C]you

Now I'm [C/E]free[F], yeah[C]. There is [Am]nothing [G]holdin' [F]me
I'm [C/E]free[F], yeah[C]. Cause' you [Am]died and [G]rose for [F]me

MELLOMSPILL ("Now I'm free" x2):
[C/E]//// [C]//// [C]/// [G]/ [F]//// [C/E]//// [C]//// [C]/// [G]/ [F]////

Peace, there's a peace in my heart
There's a power that's with me, it's you
Jesus you are my break through, it's you


BRIDGE (x2 =mellomspill):
No weapon formed against me, will overcome
The enemy is defeated, Jesus has won

REFRENG (x2 1:kun trommer):
Now I'm free, yeah, there is nothing holdin' me
I'm free, yeah, cause' you died and rose for me

AVSLUTNING (x4 =mellomspill):
The enemy is defeated, Jesus has won