No longer slaves
Key: Gm

VERS 1 (Piano+arp/git):
You un[Bb]ravel me, with a melody
You surr[Eb]ound me wi[F]th a so[Bb]ng
Of del[Bb]iverence, from my enemies
Till [Eb]all my [F]fears are [Bb]gone

REFRENG (+violins):
I'm no l[Eb]onger a sl[F]ave to fear[Bb]
I [Gm]am a [F]child of [Bb]God

[Gm] // [F] // [Bb] // [Eb] //

VERS 2 (+toms):
From my Mothers [Bb]womb
You have [Dm]chosen me
[Eb]Love has [F]called my [Bb]name
I've been [Bb]born again, into Your f[Dm]amily
Your bl[Eb]ood flows th[F]rough my [Bb]veins


BRIDGE (x2):
[Gm]You split the [F]sea, so I could [Bb]walk right [Eb]through it
[Gm]All my fears were [F]drowned in perfect [Bb]love [Eb]
[Gm]You rescued [F]me, so I could [Bb]stand and [Eb]sing
I [Gm]am a [F]child of [Bb]God [Eb]

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