Build my life
Key: G

INTRO (Pad,Keys,Akg):
[G]//// [C]//// [G]//// [C]////

[G] Worthy of every [C]song we could ever sing
[G] Worthy of all the [C]praise we could ever bring
[G] Worthy of every [C]breath we could ever breathe, we live for [G]you [C]

VERS 2 (+soft bass):
[G] Jesus, the name abo[C]ve every other name
[G/H] Jesus the only [C]one who could ever save
[G] Worthy of every [C]breath we could ever breathe
We live for [G/H]you, oh we live for [C]you

[C]Holy there is no one [Am7]like you, there is none be[G]side you
Open up my [Em7]eyes in wonder
[C]Show me who you are and [Am7]fill me with your heart
and [G]lead me in your love to [Em7]those around me

OVERGANG (nede):
[C]//// [C]////

VERS 1 (med v2 akkorder) -> VERS 2 -> REFRENG x2 (oppe)

MELLOMSPILL (x2. Nede. Tema:Bridge melodi):
[C]//// [D]//// [Em7]//// [G/H]////

BRIDGE (x2. 1:nede, 2:bygg opp):
[C]I will build my [D]life upon your [Em7]love, it is a [G/H]firm foundation
[C]I will put my [D]trust in you a[Em7]lone and I will [G/H]not be shaken

REFRENG x2 (oppe-) -> BRIDGE (oppe)