At the cross
Key: G

Verse 1:
There’s a [Hm]place, where [A/C#]mercy [D]reigns and [/F#]never [G]dies
There’s a [Hm]place, where [A/C#]streams of [D]grace flows [D/F#]deep and [G]wide

All the [A]love, I’ve ever [G]found
Comes like a [A]flood, comes flowing [G]down

At the [G]cross, at the cross I surr[D]ender my life
I’m in [A]awe of you; I’m in [Em]awe of you
Where your [G]love ran red, and my [D]sins washed white
I owe [A]all to you, I owe [Em7]all to you Jes[G]us [D]

Verse 2:
There’s a [Hm]place, where [A/C#]sin and [D]shame are [/F#]power[G]less
Where my [Hm]heart has [A/C#]peace with [D]God, and [/F#]forgive[G]ness

Pre-Chorus, Chorus

[G]Here my hope is found, [Hm]here on holy ground
[D]Here I bow down, [A/C#]here I bow down
[G]Here arms open [/A]wide, [Hm]here you saved my life
[D/A]Here I bow down, [A]here I bow down