Only wanna sing Key: G INTRO (all): [Em][C][G][D/F#] VERS 1: [Em]This is no [C]performance [G]Lord I [D/F#]pray its worship [Em]Empty [C]words I cant af[G]ford[D/F#] [Em]I'm not [C]chasing feelings [G]That's not [D/F#]why I'm singing [Em]You're the [C]reason for my [G]song [D/F#] REFRENG (lange bass toner 1/2): [Em7]I [C2]only wanna [G]sing If I [D/F#]sing with every[Em]thing If I [C]sing for You, my [G]King, O[D/F#]ooh [Em]I [C]can't imagine [G]why I would [D/F#]do this all for [Em]hype 'Cause it's [C]all to lift You [G]high, Wo[D/F#]ooah MELLOMSPILL x2: [Em][C][G][D/F#] VERS 2: [Em]You don't [C]want perfection [G]Just my [D/F#]soul's attention [Em]All I [C]have is what I'll [G]give [D/F#] [Em]More than a song that [C]lasts a moment [G]I live a life of [D/F#]honest worship If [Em]I`m here to sing, then I'll [C]sing with purpose [G]All the praise Lord, [D/F#]You deserve it now REFRENG - MELLOMSPILL x2 - REFRENG