O come to the altar Key: H INTRO: [H]////// [E]////// [H]////// [E]////// VERS 1: [H] Are you [E]hurting and broken with[H]in? Over[E]whelmed by the weight of your [G#m]sin? Jesus is [E]calling [H] Have you [E]come to the end of your[H]self? Do you [E]thirst for a drink from the [G#m]well? Jesus is [E]calling [E] REFRENG: [H]O come to[C#m7] the altar. [G#m] The Father's arms are [E]open [H]wide Forgiveness[C#m7] was bought with, [G#m] the precious blood of [E]Jesus [H]Christ [E][H][E] VERS 2: Leave behind your regrets and mistakes. Come today there's no reason to wait. Jesus is calling. Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy. From the ashes a new life is born. Jesus is calling. REFRENG x2 MELLOMSPILL: [H][H][G#m][G#m][E][E] BRIDGE x2: Oh what a [H]savior. Isn't He [G#m]wonderful? Sing halle[E]lujah, Christ is risen [H] Bow down be[H]fore Him. For He is [G#m]Lord of all. Sing Halle[E]lujah, Christ is risen [H] REFRENG x2 MELLOMSPILL x2: [H]////// [C#m7]////// [G#m]////// [G#m]/// [E]/// VERS 3: [H]Bear your [E]cross as you wait for the [H]crown Tell the [A2]world of the [E]treasure you [H]found [E][H][E][H]