Love on the line Key: G Intro: =Første 2 linjer av vers (gitar+keys:pad) Vers 1 (git+keys:pad): [Em]You put Your love on the l[G]ine, To [Em]bear the weight of sin that was [G]mine. [Em]Washing my river of wr[G]ongs [Em]Into the sea of Your infinite love[G] [D] Refreng (+bass, 1:Kick inn på siste linje): With [G]arms held high Lord I [D]give my life Knowing I'm [Em7]found in Christ, In your [C]love forever with [G]all I am, in your [D]grace I stand The greatest of [Em7]all romance, love of [C]God my Saviour Mellomspill/Tema (fullt band): [G] [G] [D] [D] [Em] [Em] [C] [C] Vers 2: [Em]Mercy roars like hurricane w[G]inds F[Em]urious love laid waste to my[G] sin[D] Refreng (oppe) Mellomspill (nede): [G] [G] [D] [D] [Em] [Em] [C] [C] Bridge x2 (1:nede, 2: bygge): [G]To the one who has rescued my soul [D]To the one who has welcomed me home [Em7]To the one who is Saviour of all, I [C]sing forever Mellomspill - Refreng - Bridge(oppe) x2 Outro: [G]Crash out på 1. (evt Rit, om ønskelig)