With all I am Key: D Verse 1: [D]Into Your hands[A/C#] I commit again[Hm] with [/A]all I [G]am for You [A]Lord [D]You hold my world[A/C#] in the palm of Your hands[Hm] And [/A]I am [G]Yours [Asus]Forever [Em7][G/A] Refreng: Jesus I be[D]lieve [A/C#]in [G/H]You Jesus I [D/F#]belong[F#m] to [G]You You're the reason [D/F#]that I [Em]live The reason that I [Asus]sing 1,2) With all[D] I am [G/A] 3) With all[G/D] I am[D].....[A/D][D][G/H][Em7][Asus][x2] Verse 2: [D]I walk with You[A/C#] wherever You will [Hm]go Through [/A]tears and [G]joy I'll [Asus]trust in [A]You [D]And I will live[A/C#] In all of Your [Hm]ways And Your [/A]promi[G]ses for[Asus]ever [Em7][G/A] Bridge x4: I will [Dsus]wor[D]ship,[A/C#] I will [G/H]wor[Hm]ship [A]You