All who are thirsty Key: F Intro (Akk.Git.{G.A.Bb-Bb.A.Bb-A-F}): [F][Bb] Verse: To all who are [F]thirsty and all who are [Am7]weak Come to the [Bb]fountain Dip your heart in the [Gm]streams [F/A]of [Bb]life Let the [C]pain and the [F]sorrow be washed a[Am7]way In the waves of his [Bb]mercy As deep cries [Gm]out [F/A]too [Bb]deep [C]We sing Chorus 1: [F]Come Lord Jesus [Bb]come (3x) Verse Chorus 2: [F]Holy Spirit [Bb]come (3x) [F]Come Lord Jesus [Bb]come (3x)