How great is our God Key: G INTRO: [G] //// [G] // [D/F#] // [Em7] //// [Em7] // [G/H] // [C] //// [D] //// [G] //// [Gsus4] //// REFRENG: How [G]great is our [G]God, [D/F#]sing with me how [Em7]great is our [Em7]God [G/H]All will se how [C]great, how [D]great is our [G]God [Gsus4] BRIDGE: [G]Name above all [G]names. You are [Em7]Worthy of our [Em7]praise [G/H] My [C]heart will sing, how [D]great is our [G]God [Gsus4] BRIDGE2 x2: [C/D]Then sings my [G]soul[/H] my [C]Savior God, to [G]Thee [Em7]How great Thou [Am7]art, [C/D]How great Thou [G]art VERS: The [G]Splendor of a king, [Em7]clothed in majesty let all the earth [C]rejoice, all the earth [C2]rejoice He [G]wraps himself in light, and [Em7]darkness tries to hide and trembles at his [C]voice, trembles at his [C]voice