Even so come Key: G INTRO: [Am] ////// [Am] ////// [Em] ////// [Em] ////// [G] ////// [G] ////// [D] // [Dsus4] // [D] ////// VERSE 1: [Am]All of creation, all of the earth [Em]make straight a highway, a path for the Lord [G]Jesus is [Gsus]com[G]ing [D]soon VERSE 2: Call back the sinner Wake up the saint Let every nation Shout of Your fame Jesus is coming soon CHORUS: [Em]Like a bride [C]waiting for her [G]groom We'll be a [Hm]church ready for You [Em]Every heart [C]longing for our [G]King we [Hm]sing Even so [C]come, Lord [G]Jesus [D]come Even so [C]come, Lord [G]Jesus [D]come VERSE 3: There will be justice - All will be new Your name forever - Faithful and true Jesus is coming soon CHORUS BRIDGE: So we [C]wait, we [Em]wait for [Dadd4]You God we [C]wait, You're [Em]coming [Dadd4]soon So we [C]wait, we [Em]wait for [Dadd4]You God we [C]wait, You're [Em]coming [Dadd4]soon CHORUS 2x BRIDGE