You make me brave Key: Eb INTRO (1)Drums 2)All): [Ab][Fm][Eb/G][Eb][Ab][Fm][Eb][Eb] VERS 1: I [Cm]stand [Ab]before you [Eb]now, the [Cm]greatness of [Ab]your [Eb]renown I [Cm]heard of the [Ab]majesty and [Eb]wonder of [Bb]You King of [Cm]Heaven in [Ab]humility i [Fm]bow CHORUS: (1,2:As) Your [Eb]love, 1,2)in 3)as wave [Cm]after [Bb]wave Crashes [Fm]over me[Eb/G], crashes [Ab]over [Bb]me For You are [Eb]for us, You are [Cm]not [Bb]against us Champion of [Fm]Heaven You [Eb/G]made a way for [Ab] all to [Bb]enter 1,5)in 2)into 3)[Eb]In[Eb] INTRO (del 2) VERS 2: I have [Cm]heard You [Ab]calling my [Eb]name I have [Cm]heard the song of [Ab]love that You [Eb]sing [Cm]So I will [Ab]let You draw me [Eb]out beyond the [Bb]shore Into Your [Fm]grace [Eb/G][Ab][Bb] CHORUS x2 BRIDGE x2 (repeat x3 - build up): 'Cause You make me [Cm]brave, You make me [Ab]brave You call me [Eb/G]out beyond the shore into the [Bb]waves You make me [Cm]brave, You make me [Ab]brave. No fear can [Eb/G]hinder now the 1) Love that made a [Bb]way 2)Promises you've [Bb]made CHORUS x2 (1:down, 2:build up)