You know me Key: F Intro (piano:A-A-Bb-C): [Dm][C][Bbmaj7][C][Dm][C][Bbmaj7][C] Vers: You have [Dm7]been [/C]and You will [F/A]be [Bbmaj7] You have [Dm7]seen [/C]and You will [F/A]see [Bbmaj7] PreChorus: [Dm]You know [C]when I [Bbmaj7]rise and when I [Dm]fall When I [C]come or [Bbmaj7]go, You see it [Dm]all You [C]hung the [Bbmaj7]stars and you move the [C]sea And still You know me Chorus: [F]Whoa oh oh oh [Bbmaj7]oh oh oh [F/A]oh oh [Bbmaj7]oh You know me (repeat) VERS, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS Bridge (nede 1 gang, bygge forsiktig): [F/A]Nothing is [Bb]hidden from Your sight [F/A]Wherever I [Bb]go, You find me [F/A]You know every [Bb]detail of my life [F/A]You are [Bb]God and You don't miss a thing CHORUS(MEKTIG!) X2 Tag (kun piano): [Dm][C][Bbmaj9]You memorize me [Dm][C][Bbmaj9] (repeat)