The greatest day in history Key: C Intro: som vers Vers 1: [C]The greatest day in history [F]Death is beaten, You have rescued me [Am]Sing it out, Jesus is [F]alive Vers 2: [C]The empty cross, the empty grave [F]Life eternal, You have won the day [Am]Shout it out, Jesus is [F]alive! He's [G]alive! Refreng: [C]Oh, happy [F]day, happy [Am]day. You [G]washed my sin away [C]Oh, happy [F]day, happy [Am]day. I'll [G]never be the same[C][F][Am] For[G]ever I am changed[C][F][Am][G] Vers 3: [C]When I stand in that place [F]Free at last, meeting face to face [Am]I am yours, Jesus, [F]You are mine Vers4: [C]Endless joy, perfect peace [F]Earthly pain finally will cease [Am]Celebrate, Jesus is [F]alive, He's [G]alive Bridge: [Am]Oh, what a glorious [Em]day, what a glorious [F]way That [C]You have saved me [Am]Oh, what a glorious [Em]day, what a glorious [F]name. [C]Oh Refreng x2