When the music fades Key: D Verse 1: [D]When the music [A]fades, all is stripped [Em7]away And I simply [A]come [D]longing just to [A]bring Something that's of [Em7]worth That will bless your [A]heart Bridge: [Em7]I'll bring You [D/F#]more than a [A]song For a song in itself [Em7]Is not what [D/F#]You have re[A]quired [Em7]You search much [D/F#]deeper with[A]in Through the way things appear [Em7]You're looking [D/F#]into my [A]heart Chorus: [D]I'm coming back to the [A/C#]heart of worhip And it's all [Em7]about You It's [G]all about [A]You, Jesus [D]I'm sorry, Lord, for the [A/C#]thing I've made it When it's [Em7]all about You It's [G]all about [A]You, [D]Jesus Vers 2: [D]King of endless [A]worth, no one could expr[Em7]ess How much you de[A]serve. [D]Though I'm weak and [A]poor All I have is [Em7]yours Every single [A]breath