Revelation song Key: D Verse 1: [D2]Worthy is the [Am7]lamb who was slain. [C2]Holy, holy is [G]He [D2]Sing a new song [Am7]to Him who sits on [C2]Heavens mercy [G]seat Chorus: [D2]Holy holy holy [Am7]is The Lord, God Almighty [C2]Who was and is and is to come[G] [D2]With all creation I sing [Am7]"praise to The King og Kings" [C2]You are my everything And [G]I will adore you Vers 2: [D2]Clothed in rainbows [Am7]of living color [C2]Flashes of lightning, rolls of [G]thunder [D]Blessing and honor, [Am7]strength and glory [C2]and power be to You, the [G]only wise King Chorus Verse 3: [D2]Filled with wonder, [Am7]awestruck wonder [C2]At the mention of your [G]name [D2]Jesus, your name is power, [Am7]breath and living water [C2]Such a marvelous myste[G]ry